Find out about our work in Nepal in this short film.

The Nepali Children’s Trust is helping children with disabilities

Nepali Children’s Trust was set up in 2005 in Bristol by Fran McGowan with the aim of supporting the Disabled Newlife Centre (DNC), a small residential home for children with physical disabilities in Kathmandu.

Our main focus at the time was the purchase of land and the building of a purpose built residential home for the centre to give them security. It was clear that providing the centre with its own home was the best way to provide a secure and sustainable future for these very vulnerable children.

With such low admin costs, our donors know that almost every penny they give us provides direct help to those we support.

Our aim is to help provide long term, effective, sustainable support to disabled children at the Newlife Centre in Nepal, with virtually no administrative costs.” Fran McGowan, Founder 

Now, we continue to support the ongoing work of DNC (especially education) but are encouraging them not be solely dependent on us. We work closely with other supporters and encourage the Disabled Newlife Centre to raise funds locally.

We visit regularly and are actively involved in supporting children when they leave the centre (usually school year 10) in further education or in training so that their potential for living independent lives is maximised.

In the past few years we have provided improved disabled access at a local school that the children from the Newlife Centre attend, including wheelchair paths and adapted toilet facilities. We offer support and professional development for staff and we contribute to the maintenance costs of the building.

We also support a school for children with special educational needs (SERC) and are actively seeking to support other appropriate projects.