It’s good to be working with Nepali Children’s Trust, with our shared aims of fostering hope and building opportunities for children and young people with disabilities in Nepal.”

We work with our partner organisation the Rose International Fund for Children (TRIFC) to support children in their transition to a more independent life after they leave the care of DNC.

Through TRIFC’s local organisation in Kathmandu we encourage volunteers, many of whom stay at Disabled Newlife Centre in the dedicated volunteer quarters.

We are also partner with the Special Education and Rehabilitation Center (SERC), a school for children with special educational needs which also offers residential accommodation. We fund some children to enable them to attend this school.

Donate to a specific project need, for example to “ 20 euros for a wheelbarrow ”, or else to a project generally e.g. “Building a school in Mombasa, Kenya”. You can always donate anonymously. Rather than a one-off donation, you can become a monthly donor. Also a possibility with many projects: donations in kind or donating your time as a volunteer.

Rate it if you happen to know the project manager or if you know more about the project for some other reason. Post your opinion on the project-site, ideally including photos or videos from when you visited the project on-site. You can also ask the project manager questions at any time. Others can use their answers to help them decide whether to donate.

Anish and Kalpana Basnet who are the founders of SERC.
Rob Rose the founder and chairman of TRIFC, The Rose International Fund for Children, with Nirmala Gyawali who is the Executive Director of ADSoN, the Ability Development Society of Nepal which is TRFIC's local organisation in Nepal.