Volunteer at the DNC

The Nepali Children’s Trust doesn’t offer a formal volunteer programme, but we are able to put you in touch with the Disabled Newlife Centre, which welcomes volunteers of all ages over 18.

Volunteers may have specific skills, such as physiotherapy, counselling, teaching or craftwork etc, but one of the most useful things is simply to spend time with the children, talking to them (in English) and playing with them.

"I'm thrilled to be able to support this amazing charity which has such a positive impact on the lives of the children supported by NCT". Jenny


There are volunteers’ quarters at the DNC, available for a small charge, and many guest houses and restaurants, but you will need to be prepared for a more basic standard of living, and cultural sensitivities such as appropriate clothing.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us and we’ll put you directly in touch with DNC.

Jenny Urquhart 3


Jenny is a well-known Bristol artist who has used her creative skills to support NCT over the years. As well as designing posters and flyers, Jenny recently did a painting of images from Nepal and donated it for auction at a fund-raising event, where it raised £500.

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Louise is from Australia. She is a musician and drummer who has visited and volunteered at the Newlife Centre several times. Since her first visit she has regularly raised money for the children there.



Matt was a physiotherapist who came to DNC and helped to mentor the in-house physiotherapist; he also worked with the staff to help promote the medical and holistic care of the children. During his time he assisted with the planning of new equipment and became close with all the children and staff at the Centre. He looks forward to his next visit. "From the moment I arrived at DNC I knew I was in a place that resonated with me, full of warmth, happiness and laughter, striving to challenge the status quo in Nepal for children with disabilities."



Dave volunteered for five months at the Newlife Centre, where he stayed in the volunteer’s quarters. During that time he made close relationships with the children and staff, helping with homework, teaching English, playing with the children and joining in the life of the Centre.



Kathie and her husband Stephen wanted to volunteer abroad after they retired, and spent several months at DNC. They helped with homework – especially English and English conversation – played with the children and generally gave them quality attention, listening and encouraging them to express themselves. Since returning to the UK Kathie and Stephen have raised substantial funds for NCT through their church.

“What the children need most is simply Tender Loving Care; someone to spend time with them... Despite their difficulties the children at DNC are some of the happiest we have met and are just so happy that you [NCT] are there."